We need your help!  Our Executive Board is following up on the listening forums hosted over the past week. We have recorded our leaders’ ideas, suggestions, and questions, and we are preparing for the next steps in our organizational response. 

There are three opportunities for you to participate.  

1. Crowdsourcing contributors 
    a. Higher Education resources: https://forms.gle/JmbPQf6xB9czVNBR8 
    â b. K-12 resources: https://forms.gle/xUW8eqwXUdPsfPd79

2. Evaluation team members 
    a. Higher Education: Email Xun Ge directly at xge@ou.edu to volunteer. 
    b. K-12:  Email Danilo Baylen directly at dbaylen1@yahoo.com to volunteer.

3. Webinar leaders 
    a. Wanna lead? Record your interest in the form located at https://forms.gle/iBu6JB3pFTfYg3Df7

I hope that more than one of these opportunities is a way you can contribute to AECT’s organizational response. 

Thank you, 
Michael M. Grant
President, 2019-2020 
Association for Educational Communications & Technology

Educational Partners